Gettin famous in Kenia. Maddo, an african Comicpainter was at the Van Thom Weekender this year. Now this is what he put in one of the biggest newspapers in Kenia.What a great honour but the Guy with the blue shirt should be me? No fuckin way ;-)

Van Thom Weekender 2016

Van Thom Weekender  09 + 10 September 2016

Finally here is the complete Line-Up:


Hollowbelly (UK) - Punk-Blues
Reverend Beatman (CH) - Blues Trash
Vincent Slegers (B) - Hillcountry Blues 
Mack Drietens (Ger) - Hillbilly & Bluegrass
Stringtone Slingers (Ger) - Rockabilly 
Smal Water (NL) - Dixie Delta Country Blues 
Backyard Devils (Ger) - Blues Bopper & Country Blues  

Mel O`Dee & Don Voigt (Ger) - Oldtime Country 
Long Line Down (DK) - Lo-Fi Dirty Blues & Grit´n´Groove

Flatbilly DeVille (USA/Ger) - Rythm & Booze








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Artists/Bands that played our stage in the past:


Hollowbelly (UK)

Reverend Beatman (CH)

Dylan Walshe (IR)

Flatbilly DeVille (US/GER)

Hangdog Hearts (US)

Vincent Slegers (B)

Chickenbone John (UK)

Long Line Down (DK)

Smal Water

Jason Thompson (US)

Mel O`dee & Don Voigt

Backyard Devils (GER)

Stringtone Slingers (GER)

Rattleshack (UK)

Freeborn Brothers (P)

Henry Berger (US)

Mack Drietens (GER)

Nitrous Oxide Wrestling Club (US/GER)

Game over you lose (GER)

Yankee Sandwich (US/GER)

Schrott (GER)